Leadership for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp

Course Description

The 12 - 16 week Bootcamp will cover:
How to grow the business Innovating and Marketing Business Concepts and Ideas Is this Legal? Risk and Sustainability Financial Fundamentals How do I keep the Books? Operations Management How to do More with Less Technology Contracts ….and much more!
Through this Bootcamp, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to create successful, focused, businesses.

This course requires admission into the program. We will hold informational sessions before accepting application. Join the mailing list to receive additional information!

The 12-16 weeks boot-camp will be 3 sessions per week each lasting for 2 hours from 4-6 pm. Two of the sessions are taken in class and one will be an on line session. 

The boot-camp will cover the following topics;
  • Essentials of entrepreneurship 
  • Building 
  • The entrepreneur’s story
  • Pitching
  • Communication for entrepreneur
  • Business plan development 
  • Financial Management for entrepreneurs
If you want to organize a boot-camp for your organization, send us your request at : info@mycals.net

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