Our Approach to Coaching

Coaching is part of our DNA at CALS. We believe that coaching is an essential element to help cement learning and development. In our coaching sessions, we listen to your stories and your challenges in a Non-Judgmental safe environment and ask you powerful questions to help you identify key elements for you to achieve your desired goals. In this process we co-think with you to help you translate the knowledge you have to develop your personal vision, personal stretched goals, and strategy and get the needed commitment and accountability to achieve them.

Our coaching sessions are delivered by our senior coach Tewodros (Teddy) Araya. The sessions could be individual or group sessions delivered as in-person, telephone or online coaching. 

This program is integrated with all of our classes and can be purchased as part of our course package or as a stand-alone service.

Are you interested in our program? 

Here are our different packages

Individual Coaching
  • 8 weekly 1 hr. coaching sessions: 300 USD (Recommended)
  • 4 weekly 1hr. Coaching Sessions: 180 USD
  • 1hr. Coaching Session: 60 USD
Group Coaching
  • The fees for Group Coaching varies depending on different factors including group size and duration. If you would like to book , please contact us at ; info@mycals.net


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